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The decision to turn your back on the delays and discomfort of scheduled air travel is easy to make. The hard part is embracing the alternative.

Where and with whom do you begin to explore the corporate option? Do you buy, and if so, should you go for new or pre-owned? Rotary or fixed-wing? Turbo-prop or jet? Do you opt for fractional membership and share the maintenance and support costs, or charter without commitment while you make up your mind?

The choices and permutations are such that you need experience in your corner - experience that comes from flying, not just selling the aircraft, and combines financial fluency with discretion, integrity and a quick grasp of individual circumstances.

At Viation you will find a lifetime of it. Experience in the cockpit. In operations. On the workbench. With tax advisors and financial institutions. It means you can talk about an investment, perhaps of millions, with complete confidence.

Reassuringly, untypically, we are in no hurry. We believe in questions before answers - questions calculated to gain a thorough picture of your travel needs and problems so we can provide a solution you can believe in.

No wonder people who come to Viation, stay with Viation.

Why we are the right choice

  • We have 65 years of business aviation experience!
  • We provide a personal hands on service.
  • Safety is our primary goal for any aircraft owner.
  • We believe in questions before answers.
  • We are here for your future.
  • We look to build long term relationships.

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Tel: + 1 855 FOR JETS

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Current aircraft listings

2007 Challenger 850

SN: 8069

EASA JAR Ops 1 certfied

2013 Global 5000 Vision

SN: 2013-tba-Aug Off Market

Off Market Global 5000 Vision Position

2009 Challenger 605

SN: 5739

Still under warranty till Dec 2014

2012 Gulfstream G550

SN: G550-tba

New 2012 Delivery Slot

2012 Challenger 605

SN: 589tba

New 2012 Challenger 605 Slot

2010 Challenger 605

SN: 58tba

Immediatly Avaliable

1988 Hawker 800B

SN: 258115

Immediatly Avaliable

2011 Hawker 900XP

SN: HA-177

Fully Loaded

2012 Global 6000

SN: G6000-TBA2

September 2012 delivery

1997 Challenger 604

SN: 5362

Triple Collins FMS-6000 FMS

2012 Falcon 7X


Delivery 4th Qtr 2012

1994 Learjet 60

SN: 027

  • Aerioncrop
  • Airbus
  • Boeing
  • Bombardier
  • Cessna
  • Dassault
  • Embraer
  • Gulgstream
  • Hawker
  • Learjet